Friday, March 7, 2014

First twelve pots out of the kiln

I just moved into my first apartment today, so it's funny that today I would unload my first batch of wheel thrown pots. Some of them are relatively good, but most are obviously beginner pots. But now I don't have to buy dishes for my place, so that's great! I like the white bowls with the blue the best. That's great white clay, glazed in alabaster, with oasis splatters. The ancient Casper splatters are pretty cool too
But the light Shino (white that breaks brown)  doesn't speak to me. It makes the texture stand out though. I am going to try and use the white clay more often, that looks the best, and its a dream to throw. I have about 20 more cups and bowls in the making that are pugged clay, so I guess I will have to get creative with my glazing.

Hannah C. Mathiot

I am a local artist in New Bern, North Carolina. My artwork centers around the things that interest, challenge, and inspire me. To buy my work, please visit my studio or contact me.