Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nice day at the shop

It's really sunny and cool outside today so I set a table of pottery outside and propped opened the door of our studio. During our quiet season (no classes till january) I like to spend time creating inviting pottery displays. The typewriter boxes have generated a lot of attention.

Our studio is doing well, We have the spring schedule all planned out and the summer camps in the works! Our calendar is full of visiting artists and fun workshops.

I keep trying to list my work on my etsy shop but then I get sad. Its not that I don't want to sell my work, its just the thought of never seeing or talking to the people who buy it. I almost think that I make pottery so I can find people who like the same things that I do.

But I also find joy in knowing where my work is going. Right now I have work locally, in a gallery in Havelock, and under a Christmas tree in Washington DC.

I think I will try selling art at the farmers market instead for a while.

Hannah C. Mathiot

I am a local artist in New Bern, North Carolina. My artwork centers around the things that interest, challenge, and inspire me. To buy my work, please visit my studio or contact me.